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What's needed for MARS to work?

Data source

MARS uses several types of data to learn from and recommend discounts to maximise conversions with minimum spend

  • Transactional Data

  • Transactional data includes app events that are directly associated with revenue. These revolve around billing and monetary transactions.

  • Examples:

  • Order value

    Checkout started

  • In-App Behaviour

  • MARS collects in-app customer behaviour data in the form of specific app events.

  • Examples:

  • Products added

    Products searched

  • Realtime Campaign Data

  • MARS tracks realtime campaign data and changes in customer’s app behaviour during the course of the campaign

  • Examples:

  • No. of users converted

    Spend per customer

  • Discount Usage

  • MARS uses coupon and discount data to get a deeper insight into customers’ spending behaviour and coupon preferences.

  • Examples:

  • Discount value

    Minimum cart value

  • External Data

  • All the learning from customer data is supplemented with external data provided by MARS itself to identify patterns associated with environmental changes like weather, traffic, world events etc

  • Examples:

  • Traffic


  • API

  • The MARS API can be used to craft your own customer experiences eg. Personalised social media retargeting ads, physical discount coupons etc

  • Marketing Channels

  • Use Push, SMS, Email to send out MARS recommended discounts to your customers

  • In-App Discounts

  • Create personalised discounts for every user directly reflecting in your app UI

Output Channels

MARS recommendations need an output channel to send out offers to the end customer.

  • Individual Level Privacy Guarantee

  • Differential privacy ensures each individual gets roughly the same privacy that would result from having their data removed.

  • Highest Privacy model allowing best results

  • The statistical functions used by MARS in making discount recommendations do not overly depend on any single individual’s data. i.e. MARS’ output is not affected by removal of a user from the data set

  • No PII Information

  • MARS doesn't use any PII information in it's reinforcement learning models

Why trust MARS with MY data?

MARS uses a differential privacy approach to ensure an output of the highest quality with minimum privacy loss

List of Integrations

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“In just one month we boosted user engagement and saw significant reductions in churn rate”

Sushant, Product Manager

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