Our Mission

Driven by a founding team including Draper University and Reforge Alumni, we at Marax have been working to solve churn for businesses since 2016.

We began with a tool to predict churn and we’ve come a long way since then. We've now successfully launched MARS, an AI powered tool that optimizes marketing campaigns and helps e-commerce businesses achieve their customer acquisition, engagement and retention goals.

MARS works on maximising growth and boosting retention while optimizing for least spend of marketing budget.

Achieve a balance between pleasant user experiences and your business goals.

The Team

Raman Shrivastava
Founder and AI Lead
Prateek Gupta
Co-founder and CEO
Sumant Subrahmanya
Co-founder and Product Lead
Shivam Shakti
AI Engineer
Julu Ahamed
Full Stack Developer and DevOps
Suhas S
Full Stack Developer
Ritesh Singh
Growth Marketing Lead
Nagarjun A
Full Stack Developer


Dr Srinivas Padmanabhuni
PhD Artificial Intelligence
University of Alberta
Chetan Choudhary
Advisor at UAE Prime Minister's Office
Abhishek Agarwala
Senior Director of Engineering at Ninjacart


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